An Update on Collection Made for Generator Installation in JSKAS

Dear Supporters,

About a year ago we at JSKAS decided to install a generator in the orphanage premises. The orphanage situated in Kharar,Punjab is often stuck with long and frequent power cuts. The heat is unbearable and the orphanage housing a hundred children needs to provide a cool and lighted environment to help kids study and live well. With this intention in mind we initiate a project to crowd source the funding needed  to install the generator at JSKAS.

We reach out to people using social media (facebook). We created a group using facebook and added our noble supporters to it. We spread the word and requested help. We were not disappointed at all! You all opened your hearts and supported us with donations. From our side we have tried to keep this funding and execution very transparent. We have periodically updated the collected amount and the respective donors list on the facebook group we call Friends of JSKAS. This was done to make sure the group is aware of who donated what and who does the money lie with. Below is the latest list.


As can be seen above we have collected a total of Rs 1,27,100 so far. The current owner of funds is mentioned above.Some of you might wonder about the project execution or your funds lying unused! I want to make sure I provide an update from my end.

The project is no where near its completion now. We haven’t been able to raise the entire amount that is needed install the generator yet. The approximate cost is Rs 2.4 Lacs. We are half way there. I will talk to Dr Harminder to see if he can arrange the rest of the amount and we can install the generator this summer. In case he doesn’t have funds we will reignite this campaign and hope to get the additional funds by a specific date. In case any of you has any concerns on the plan please reach out to me on my email/face-book/mobile.

I would also want to clarify the delay in execution of this project. Dr Harminder has been a one man army running the orphanage all by himself. Unlike many such NGOs he doesn’t have any staff to run the show for him. It is expected some of us can lead this effort for him and execute the project for him. I have been busy too since I had to move of India for work purpose and was disturbed for like 4 months. We certainly need more volunteers and leaders who can place their trust on us,love the children and do the job as service. This has been one reason we are looking out for volunteers who can devote their time and effort. I am sure many of you will join us in this cause soon.

Below are the projects that is being currently executed by us

  1. Generator Installation at JSKAS
  2. Collection of Admission Funds for JSKAS kids fro 2016
  3. Setting up a Computer Lab in JSKAS
  4. Setting up a Communication Lab in JSKAS

In order to bring each of them to completion we need your time and involvement. I am sure you all will be interested to create a difference and change lives of people. I am looking forward to each one of you to come forward and help! No matter where you are and what you do, you will be a great help to JSKAS. Looking forward to your valuable suggestions and comments!

Soumya Prakash Mishra

Volunteer -JSKAS




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